About Us

About Learnmore School

Learnmore started as a yearning, a yearning for what was supposed to be, but which was not; the need to have a perfect blend of Islamic and western education, in a most conducive atmosphere for children.
A group of concerned individuals from different walks of life came together to form the Board of Directors of Learnmore School.
The school opened officially on the 15th of September, 2014.

Learnmore is here, not because other schools are there, but because of a glaring need that seem to threaten the future of the Muslim child, and by extension, the future of Islam in our society – the need to have a sound secular education, and particularly learn Islam in its pristine form. It may seem we have these in our society today, but an indepth search shows that many ‘Muslim schools’ around usually weigh more in one area leaving the other to suffer. Despite the huge number of schools around, ‘careful and detailed’ parents are still having serious issues finding well rounded school for their children, and it is almost appearing as if combining these two- high academic excellence and Islamic education, in a conducive learning atmosphere – is mission impossible. But is it achievable? YES! And that is the vacuum Learnmore has come to fill.
We combine these two and deliver in a world class standard, in sha Allah.